VOTOČEK company manufacture unique hand - decorated glass which is made of several different - coloured layers. Crystal glass is decorated with Art Nouveau ornaments. The unique cameo decor is achieved by the gradual gentle removing of the upper coloured layer. The high level of Czech glass-making and a deep knowledge of French Art Nouveau glass have been united here to create these unique products.


The decors with figures of women, flowers and ornaments are the most often decorated with elements of Art Nouveau style. The parts of products are casted from the alloy Britannia-metal to forms of special rubber. Casted and cut metal pieces are gas welded using special melting mixture into the final shape.The products are grinded, patinated in bath and polished at the end. All production is exclusively hand made and it is extremely demanding precision and quality within every step of production. These unicate metalworks are made in limited editions and are signed with the company logo

Votoček company works closely with IVANA HOUSEROVÁ,the well-known glass artist, whose work has received a number of international prizes:

1982   School Award of The Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, CZ
1984   Jugend Gestaltet, Internationale Handwerksmesse, München, BRD
1985   Bayrischer Stadpreis with Gold Medal, IHM, München, BRD
1987   Gold Star for Quality, Bid - Business Initiative Direction, San Antonio, USA
1989   NAC Business Excellence Award - National Academy of Commerce, San Antonio, USA
1995   Swarovski Award the 2nd Prize - Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, CZ
1996   Grand Prix, II. Internationalen Glaskunst Triennale Nürnberk, BRD
1997   Excelent Design 1996 - Design Centre of the Czech Republic, CZ
1999   Price of Rudolf II - Masaryk´s Academy of Art, Prague, CZ
2001   The Private Collection: Bill Clinton, President USA

We hope that our vases, lamps and other products will bring joy and beauty into your homes as they have been made with a special sensitivity to harmony in shapes, colours and light.


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